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The flourishing industry and technology has made the USA economy the strongest of all in the world, transforming it into the only economic superpower. Given that the USA has always been a nation of diverse cultures—the nation having its own cultural-lingual origins in Europe—the colleges and the universities here take in international students more readily and easily than the other countries in the globe. Further, studying at a university/college in the USA definitely provides unique opportunities to all, which is but the very character of this country that makes it a “dreamland” for further education.

In recent years, the United States of America has become a favorite destination for abroad studies among Nepalese students. Distinguished programmes are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in almost every field of study. A large number of Nepalese students are enrolling into the universities in the USA for higher education every year. As such, MIDTOWN offers its professional counseling to help students choose the best educational institution in America. We are also a great aid to you in preparing applications for both admission and scholarship.

Here are a few reasons why you need to consult the counselors at MIDTOWN:

  • For the selection of the suitable course and best colleges/ universities
  • For the guidance on the testing requirements
  • To fulfill entry requirements in your field of study
  • For the up-to-date information about the courses and the institutions
  • For information regarding financial scholarships and other financial aid in various colleges and universities
  • For information regarding credit transfer
  • For proper guidance and support while preparing applications, essays, statements of purpose and recommendation letters
  • For guidance while preparing all the necessary documents for visa purposes
  • For visa-preparation Classes

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