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The MIDTOWN Study Abroad Department is dedicated to providing professional counseling and documentation support to those students who are planning to study in Australia. Assisting in choosing the right schools and courses, and guaranteeing admission is a key responsibility that our Study Abroad Department has always successfully shouldered.


Nepalese students in Australian institutions can achieve world-class degrees in affordable costs as compared with the expenses in other English speaking countries. Besides, there are other factors that attract international students, especially the Nepalese to the educational institutions in Australia. One of these factors is the climate of the country itself that suits the Nepalese students the best. Another remarkable thing here is the characteristic multicultural community that ensures a comfortable atmosphere for learning, working and living for the students from foreign lands.

Here are a few reasons why you need to consult the counselors at MIDTOWN:

  • For the selection of suitable courses and best colleges/ universities
  • For guidance on the testing requirements
  • To fulfill entry requirements in your field of study
  • For the up-to-date information about the courses and the Institutions
  • For information regarding financial scholarships and other financial aid in various colleges and universities
  • For information regarding credit transfer
  • For proper guidance and support while preparing applications/essays/statements of purpose and recommendation letters
  •  For guidance while preparing all the necessary documents for visa purposes
  •  For visa preparation classes

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